Like all clubs our membership fluctuates, but is typically between 30 and 50 fully paid up members, with 20 or so attending each meeting. Annual membership costs £15 in 2016, each meeting has a 50p attendance fee which is likely to rise to £1 after the next AGM. We augment club funds by a lottery of £1 when sufficient members are present. Potential new members are allowed to attend twice without charge but are not permitted to use lathes until they are fully paid up members.

Occasional demonstrations by professional wood turners, or other workers in wood, currently have a £1 attendance fee. We also occasionally have wood sale evenings .
The atmosphere at the club is informal and easy going. We do not offer formal training for new wood turners, but the members have a wealth of experience which they are glad to share with new and inexperienced turners.
Competitions, in which members are encouraged to enter recent work, are held regularly during the year.

Our constitution states the minimum age for members is 14, but they must be accompanied by an adult until the age of 16. Clearly in this day and age, that person needs to be a parent or legal guardian. No club member has current clearance to take responsibility for minors.
The club has 5 lathes set up for use by club members.  These are

  • Short bed Harrison Graduate lathe
  • Bowl turning Harrison Graduate lathe
  • Wivamarc DB 801 Vario Lathe
  • Record CL 4 -36 Lathe
  • Pen turning Lathe
  •  Jet Lathe

As you would expect we have a good selection of chucks and tools for use by club members within the club. The club does not permit the loan of club equipment. We also have a range of dust extraction equipment.