Wood colouring with Kim Gowney

Last night the club was host to Haverfordwest wood turner Kim Gowney (10/10/2016).

Kim is well known for incorporating colour into his wood turning, the result is a beautiful high finish that fills this author with envy 🙂

The application methodology used is similar to that used by painters, build up your colours, lightest first and go from there.

Kim recommended following the colour wheel principles, by way of using opposite colours to blend and highlight.  More information can be found here: http://www.colormatters.com/color-and-design/basic-color-theory

Once painted, leave to dry for a day or so, next start applying multiple layers of shellac.  Finishing off with some burnishing cream.

More information can be found on Kim’s website (Linked in the demonstrator information section below)

Kim’s process includes using the following materials and paints:

Should you need to the paints can be diluted using a white spirit.


Kim’s advice:
  • Be patient
  • Expect to go through multiple pieces
  • Have fun
  • Experiment


Demonstrator information

If you want to contact Kim, please use the following methods:


Author Comments:

It was good to meet Kim again.  He is a regular demonstrator at the wood craft events hosted at the Botanical Gardens of Wales and every time I leave his stall, I leave inspired.

It was good to see a good turn out from members and visitors from the Llanelli Turners group and I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more colour in future club competitions.

All in all, it was a good evening, informative and inspiring.  I look forward to next time.

One Comment on “Wood colouring with Kim Gowney

  1. Thanks for the nice write up Gareth, I am glad the members enjoyed the demo and I hope it gave enough info for some to have a go at the colouring etc. It was a most enjoyable evening! 🙂


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